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  • 2007 Nissan XTrail

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  • Oct 2020
    Great car. Will by another one.
    —Johannes M - 2007 Nissan X-Trail 25X 4WD
  • Oct 2020
    Great car.
    —Adrian B - 2007 Nissan X-Trail
  • Oct 2020
    very sturdy and economical vehicle understated style all in all a good reliable vehicle
    —Greg H - 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL X AWD 4WD
  • Sep 2020
    Fits mtb inside nicely, not a powerhouse but does what I need.
    —Anthony O - 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL 2.5 4WD
  • Sep 2020
    A surprisingly versatile vehicle, more economic than I expected, reasonable amount of power for what required, very roomy and useful space,4wd went better than expected.
    —Alan B - 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL 20X 4WD
  • Aug 2020
    Easy to drive and park, comfortable for short or long trips and great boot space. It has turned out really economical too, except taking 95 petrol that we didn't realise before we purchased
    —Collette K - 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL 20X 4WD
  • Aug 2020
    Very good performance. More space, beautiful color and style. Fuel economy, good price...
    —Christopher C - 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL 4WD
  • Aug 2020
    Very Good
    —Kamipeli T - 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL
  • Jun 2020
    I think its the best SUV for its age and price
  • Jun 2020
    Car is in absolute immaculate condition. Good power, spacious and looks new!
    —Destiny T - 2007 Nissan X-Trail
  • Jun 2020
    Very happy to buy vehicle that met all our requirements!
    —huia K - 2007 Nissan X-Trail
  • Mar 2020
    Key reasons for my interest in this vehicle were: a higher tow rating than similar vehicles in its class, a 4wd drive system (more for on road stability when towing, than off road type activities), a 3-point seat belt in the centre rear seats, a reasonable fuel economy for its size, a boot space with plenty of storage, and enough width and leg room in the back for 3 adults.
    —James A - 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL 2.5Ltr 2WD/4WD . Value! $5999
  • Mar 2020
    Buy one they Are Good!!!!!
    —Tania C - 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL 25X 4WD
  • Mar 2020
    Is good now I like it
    —JACKIE M - 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL 20X 4WD
  • Mar 2020
    I was after a practical family car that offered spacious seating, was higher off the ground for older family members getting in and out, and had plenty of room for gear in the boot. The Nissan X-Trail certainly delivers that with easy wipe down seats and floor, cargo net, and boot trays, and has simple, user-friendly functions. We chose to pay extra and get the Japanese GPS etc removed and get a NZ compatible navigation/bluetooth system installed-totally worth being able to understand it! In this vehicle the reversing camera is also extremely helpful as the seats are higher. Having both 4WD/auto and 2WD the car delivers enough power for hills/bridges, but with the fuel capacity still low enough that it doesn't chomp through the fuel too quickly (use of higher octane is preferable-95 or 98, though you can use 91). The Xtrail comes with the choice of remote key or traditional key usage. Remote is very handy, if you haven't completely turned the car off or you've left your keys inside the vehicle by mistake, it will not let you lock it from the outside door button, but will make a different noise. Whew! If you, like us, find the black rubber on the boot door grip coming off a bit on your hands and feeling sticky; do not be alarmed. This apparently is common among some makes of cars and should not affect the performance of the grip button itself. Nissan’s main faults seem to be that they eventually have transmission issues, especially if not serviced regularly and are higher mileage - this is something to watch out for as they can feel strained and chuggy in their running, particularly at certain speeds. Otherwise a comfortable car with good visibility.
    —Anita W - 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL 20S
  • Feb 2020
    Practical 4WD with great storage Recommend asking for info on Japanese radio/navigation system as it's hard to navigate the many buttons written in Japanese
    —Elizabeth S - 2007 Nissan X-Trail 2.0 4wd
  • Feb 2020
    great storage
    —Kevin Templeton Building 2017 Limited - 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL 25X
  • Jan 2020
    Very nice vehicle. It has more than enough space on the inside, whilst not looking to large from the outside. The power is fantastic, but know that with an older model (like mine) that the breaks aren't quite as responsive as you expect. Nothing wrong with it though, just not quite as responsive as newer models (as can be expected).
    —Donavin D - 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL 4WD 20X
  • Dec 2019
    This car has so far exceeded all my expectations.
    —Steven F - 2007 Nissan X-Trail
  • Nov 2019
    The xtrail is a bit noisy in the inside .. the 2.5l has endless power and great tow vehicle
    —Adriaan C - 2007 Nissan X Trail 25X 4WD
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