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  • 2005 Nissan Fuga

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  • Feb 2021
    Beautiful interior and an overall good looking car
    —Aaron S - 2005 Nissan Fuga 350GT SPORTS PACKAGE
  • Jan 2021
    No bad things to say to about the nissan fuga good car so far đź‘Ś đź‘Ť
    —Aaron G - 2005 Nissan Fuga
  • Jan 2021
    Very clean and sharp looking as well as smooth looking
    —Hayden B - 2005 Nissan Fuga 350GT Sports Pkg
  • Dec 2020
    My initial driving is showing this car to give much better fuel economy than others report. I expect to achieve 30mpg.
    —Ian M - 2005 Nissan Fuga 350XV
  • Dec 2020
    Amazing car beautiful design fast and luxurious
    —Isaac R - 2005 Nissan Fuga 450GT V8 4500cc v8 leather airbags abs alloys
  • Dec 2020
    Great vehicle for its price an power
    —Marcus K - 2005 Nissan Fuga 350GT
  • Nov 2020
    I love it
    —Tevita V - 2005 Nissan FUGA 350GT
  • Nov 2020
    Nice cruiser with the power when you need it
    —John J - 2005 Nissan FUGA 350GT
  • Nov 2020
    This is very powerful and luxurious car. Good for long drive . And it’s very comfortable.
    —Wijesinghe K - 2005 Nissan Fuga
  • Oct 2020
    Very pleased with our purchase of the 2005 Nissan Fuga. Thank you again.
    —Edward W - 2005 Nissan Fuga 350GT
  • Sep 2020
    Very nice car
    —Manaia P - 2005 Nissan FUGA 350GT
  • Sep 2020
    great car
    —Simon R - 2005 Nissan FUGA 350GT
  • Sep 2020
    Seems to be a great value car considering what you get and how much you pay for it.
    —Brad M - 2005 Nissan FUGA 450GT Black Leather Trim
  • Sep 2020
    Nice vehicle, very easy to drive. Plenty of room and space.
    —Sergiu P - 2005 Nissan FUGA 350XV
  • Jul 2020
    Great comfort ,luxury and reliability at a good price.
    —Alan B - 2005 Nissan FUGA 250GT Leather Automatic
  • Apr 2020
    Is a good car is cheap as on petrol couldn't ask for anything better
    —Dominique C - 2005 Nissan Fuga 250GT
  • Jan 2020
    She da Enjoy a car like this while you can, soon it will be all electric vehicles -which is only right for the environment - but Ms Fuga is very styley and fun.
    —Amy S - 2005 Nissan Fuga
  • Oct 2019
    Awesome vehicle. Brought as needed a larger car and it’s extremely roomy and comfy to drive.
    —Ashley E - 2005 Nissan FUGA 450GT Black Leather Trim
  • Aug 2019
    Very roomy
    —Nicole E - 2005 Nissan FUGA 350GT Sports Pkg
  • Apr 2019
    Really good car
    —Minkyu L - 2005 Nissan Fuga
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